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Microbiology Project Topics in Nigeria

Microbiology Project Topics in Nigeria


We provide recent microbiology project topics, good microbiology project topics, seminar topics, thesis, essays/papers  in Nigeria, undergraduate project topics in microbiology for msc in Nigeria , seminar topic on microbiology  in Nigeria postgraduates  to help  students in  achieving  grade a result in project writing. Best and reliability is our standard. Below  is the latest msc medical microbiology project topics list  and ideas for research topic msc in microbiology in Nigeria

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  1. Margarine” Production Using Oil Blends From Palm Kernel, Coconut And Melon
    2.  Additives And Preservatives Used In Food Processing And Preservation And Their Health Implication.
    3.  An Epidemology Survey For Sctristosomiasis Among Pupils In Amagunze Community In Nkanu Local Government Area In Eenugu
    4.  An Investigation On The Effect Of Various Packaging Material On The Quality Attributes Of Suya (Meat)
    5.  Anaemia In Pregnancy (A Case Study Of Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinic At Univeristy Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital. (Unth, Enugu)
    6.  Analysis Of Contamination Of Alasa River In Burutu Local Government Area Of Delta
    7. Antibacterial Activity Of Sweet Orange (Citrus Sinensis) On Staphylococcus Aureus And Escherichia Coli Isolated From Wound Infected
    8. Ascariasis Among Children Between The Age Of 4-15 Years (A Case Study Of School I, Ii, Iii, Iv In Ziks Avenue Primary School Uwani Enugu Nigeria)
    9. Bacheriological Examination Of Idodo River
    10. Bacterial Contaminats Associated With Commercial Poultry Feed From Three Different Companies
  2. 11. Bacterial Examination Of Spoilt “Egusi” Soup
    12. Comparative Analysis Of Antimicrobial Strength Of Three Most Common Antibiotics Used In Enugu (Case Study Of Antibiotics Drugs Brought In Obiagu.)
    13. Comparative Analysis Of Microbial Load Of The Enugu Main Water Production And Water Available To Imt Campus Ii Hostel
    14. Comparative Analysis Of Pipeborne Water And Other Sources Of Water Within Enugu Metropolis (Emene Locality)
    15. Comparative Analysis Of The Ash And Moisture Content Of Riped And Unriped Plantain (Musa Spp)
    16. Comparative Study Of Micro-Organism Associated With The Spoilage Of Banana
    17. Consumers Acceptability And Physico Chemical Quality Of Breakfast From Malted Sorghum (Sorghum Vulgarc Var K.S.V.S) “Acha” “(Digitaria Exilib) And Cassava (Manihot Esculante) Starch.
    18. Determination Of Hydrogen Cyanide In Cassava
    19. Economic Assessment Of Some Methods Adopted In Youghourt Production
    20. Effect Of Steeping Period On Yield And Acceptability Of Starch Extracted From Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor, White Variety And Red Variety)
    21. Effect Of Storage Time On The Functional Properties Of Wheat/Bambka Groundnut Blend
    22. Evaluation Of The Performance Of Seccharomyces Cerevisaae Isolate From Palm-Wine In Vinegar Production From Or Ange Juice.
    23. Evaluation Of The Performance Of Seccharomyces Cerevisiae Isolate From Palm-Wine In Vinegar Production From Or Ange Juice.
    24. Evaluaton Of Current Techniques In Diagnoses Of Human Immunodaficiency Virus (Hiv)
    25. Examination Of Incidence Of Malaria Infestation Caused By Differnet Species Of Plasmodium In Enugu Metropolic (A Case Study Of Parklane Hospital Enugu)
    26. Examination Of Jollof Rice Served In Hotels For Pathogenic Organisms
    27. Examination Of Stool For The Presence Of Felmineth Using Different Techniques (A Case Study Of Enugu East Local Government Area Enugu)
    28. Extraction And Characterization Of Fatty Acids In Maize (Zea Mays)
    29. Extraction Of Cashew Nut Seed Oil And Its Effect On Coli Form
    30. Fermentative Production Of Cassava Flour For Bakery Industries
    31. Food In – Relation To Diseases
    32. Food Irration In Nigeria (Prospects And Problems)
    33. Fungal Infustation On Bakery Product Dream
    34. Gastroenteritis In Primary School Chidren In Enugu Metropolis (6-12 Yrs)
    35. Identification Of Fungi Associated With Tea Spoilage Of Sweet Potato Tubers Sold At Ogbete Main Market In Enugu, Enugu North Local Government Area. Enugu State
    36. Identification Of Fungi Associated With The Spoilage Of Sweet Potato Tubers Sold At Ogbete Main Market In Enugu, Enugu North Local Government Area. Enugu State
    37. Incidence Of Vaginal Candidacies Among Pregnant Women An Park-Lane, Hospital, A Case Study Of Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clink At Park-Line Enugu.
    38. Investigate The Microbial Content Of Some Bolted Soft Drivels Sold In Enugu Interlopes
    39. Investigation Of The Production Of A Good Quality Ethanol From Local Raw Material (Cassava) Using Micro-Organism Within Our Locality.
    40. Invitro Determination Of Bacteriocidal Effect Of Garlic On Staphylococcus Aureus
    41. Isolatioin And Characterisation Of Bacteria Associated With Hawked Suya- Meat (Case Study Of Enugu).
    42. Isolation And Characterization Of Microorganisms From Stored Pap (Ogi)
    43. Isolation And Characterization Of Mould Assiocated In The Spoilage Of Bread
    44. Isolation And Characterization Of Tinea Captis From Hair Barbing Equipment In Enugu Metropolis
    45. Isolation And Identification Of Bacteria Associated With Wound Sepsis
    46. Isolation And Identification Of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa In Hotel Swimming Pool In Enugu Urban
  3. Isolation And Identification Of Staphylococcus Aureus Associated In Contaminated “Okpa” (Bambara Groundnut) Voundzies Subterenea
    48. Isolation And Performance Evaluation Of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae From On Palm Wine (Elaels Guinneensis) At Different Temperature Of Proofing During Bread Making
    49. Maize Adjunct In Sorghum Beer Brewing
    50. Malaria Parasite And Its Effect To Human Health (A Case Study Of Unth Enugu)
    51. Methods Of Processing Yam
    52. Micorobial Examination Of Fried Rice Sold In Fast Food Joints (A Case Study Of Mr Biggs, Okpara Avenue Enugu)
    53. Microbial Examination Of Bacteria In Beef Sold In Artisan Market Enugu Metropolis
    54. Microbial Examination Of Pathogenic Bacteria In Raw Milk Sample From A Diary Farm (A Case Study Of Fulani Cattle Settlement In Emene, Enugu, Enugu State)
    55. Microbial Examination Of Spoilt Avocado Fruit
    56. Microbial Food Spoilage And Its Control
    57. Microbiological Examination Of Bacteria In Tapioca Sold In Institute Of Management And Technology Enugu
    58. Microbiological Examination Of Powdered Tobacco Sold In Enugu Urban For The Presence Of Pathogenic Bacteria
    59. Microbiological Study On Spoilage Of Mango Fruit
    60. Microobial Evaluation Of Ram Milk From A Diary Farm
    61. Onion Is Associated With Micro-Organisms Which Are Capable Of Causing Spoilage.
    62. Physico – Chemical And Organolepticproperties Of Flour And Fufu Processe From Cassave Verieties.
    63. Prevalence Of Bacterial Gastroenteritis Among Children Aged 0 – 15 Years (A Case Study Of Unth)
    64. Prevalence Of Entamoeba Histolytica In Enugu Metropolis A Case Study Of Parklane Hosipital Enugu
    65. Prevalence Of Malaria Parasite Among Pregnant Women (A Case Study Of Niger Foundation Hospital Enugu)
    66. Prevalence Study Of Hepatitis B (Australian Antigen) Among Patient In National Orthopediae Hospital Enugu
    67. Process For Refining Vegetable Oil And Its Food Value
    68. Production And Acceptability Studies Of Malted Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor) Biscuit
    69. Production Of “Ogiri” From Soyabean Using Micro Organism Responsible For Fermentation Of Castor Beans Seed “Ogiri” (Commercial “Ogiri”)
    70. Production Of Antifoaming Agent Using Palm Kernel Oil
    71. Production Of Bleach Solution And Comparative Study Of Commercially Produced Bleach Solution
    72. Production Of Bread Using Lactic Acid Bacterial (Lab) And Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (Bakers Yeast)
    73. Production Of Deodorant (Air Refreshing) From Local Plant Materials.
    74. Production Of Mixed Fruit Using Fuse Locally Soured Citrus Fruits Orange (Citrus Silences) Tangerine Citrus Reticulate) Lemon C Groups (Citrus Paradox)
    75. Production Of Starch-Based Adhesive From Cassava
    76. Production Of Sugar Syrups (Molasses) From Cane Sugar Sticks
    77. Promote Composition Of Pleurotus Tuberrcoginin From Enugu Area.
    78. Proximate Analysis Of Sensory Evaluation Of Dried Onion (Allium Cepa)
    79. Relationship Between Age, Feeding And Anaemia In Pregnancy (A Case Study Of Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinic At University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (Unth) Enugu)
    80. The Antibacterial Activity Of Three Types Of Medicated Soaps On Starhyrococcus Aureus Form Would Infections
    81. The Determination Of The Activities And Specificity Of Enzymes In Fermentation Of Starch – From Maize
    82. The Effect Of Different Concentrations Of Citric Acid On The Physicochemical Properties Of Orange Juice (Citrus Sinensis)
    83. The Effect Of Food Packaging Material On The Environment
    84. The Effect Of Oil Spillage On Soil Properties And Crop Performance In Warri Area
    85. The Effect Of Pesticides Dichlorodiphenyl Trichloroeyhane (D.D.Y) And Benzene Hexachroride (Bhc) On The Microflora Of The Three Types Of Soil
    86. The Effect Of Processing On Afzelia Africana (Akpalata) And Brachystegia Spp Flour As Soup Thickner
    87. The Effects Of Different Processign Techniquies On The Organoleptic Quality Of Soymilk Processing And Storage
    88. The Evaluation Of Microorganisms On Garri At Ogbete Market
    89. The Inccidence Of Candidiasis Among Single And Married Women Of Different Age Group (Case Study, Unth Enugu)
    90. The Incidence Of Hookworm (Ancylastoma Duodenale) In Stools Of Pupils In Primary Schools In Enugu – East L.G.A Of Enugu State
    91. The Incidence Of Salmonella And Escherchia Coli In Livestock (Poultry) Feeds
    92. The Influence Of Processing Methods On The Protein And Cyanide Content Of African Yam Bean (Sphenostylis Stenocarpa)
    93. The Microbiological Quality Control Of Soymilk Beverage Sold In Insititue Of Mangement And Technology Campus 3 Enugu.
    94. The Peevalence Of Streptococcus Pneumoniae In Pneumonia Ptients In Enugu Metropoli (A Case Study Of Unth Enugu)
    95. The Physico-Chemical And Antioxidant Properties Of Culinary Herbs And Local Spies Pipe Guieense (Uziza) Xylpia Aethpica (Uda), Monodora Myristica (Ehuru), Tetrapelura Tetraptera (Oshosho).
    96. The Prevalence Of Trichomona Vaginalis Among Adults In “Osumenyi” In Nnewi South Local Government Area Anambra State
    97. The Role Of Packaging In Food Processing
    98. The Status Of Processing And Preservation Of Cereals In Nigeria
    99. The Survey Of The Microbial Floar Of Common (Achatina Achatina) In View Of Identifying The Human Pathogenic Organisms In Snail
    100. The Utility Potentials Of Some Dioscorea Species With Particular Reference To D. Rotoridata And D. Dumatorum
    101. Use Of Composite Flour Blends For Biscuit Making (Peanut/Cassava
  4.   Antibacterial Activity Of Spinach
  5. Arthropod-Borne Viruses (Arboviruses) And The Diseases They Cause In Humans
  6. Overview Of Autoimmune Haemolytic Anemia
  7. Antioxidant Micronutrients In Pregnant Women From Some Rural Communities In Enugu And Ebonyi States Of Nigeria.

106 Nutritional And Sensory Qualities Of Soymilk-Kunnu Blends

107 Effect Of Honey On Upper Respiratory Tract Organism

108 Physiochemical Analysis Of Different Brands Of Paracetamol Tablet In The Market

109 Combined Antimicrobial Activity Of Delonix Regia And Ixora Species On Enteric Organisms

110 Determination Of Microbial Load On Smoked Fish Sold In Some Parts Of Owerri

111 Micro-Organisms Associated With Otitis Media Infections Among Primary School Children In Parts Of Ohaji/Egbema L.G.A

112 Hand Hygiene Practices Among Primary School Pupils In Ohaji Egbema, Imo State

113 Bacteriological Examination Of Vaginal Infection In Female Student Of Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo

114 Awareness Of Types And Benefits Of Exercise In Pregnancy Among Pregnant Women Who Attend Antenatal Care In Health Centres In Ikot Ekpene Local Government Area Of Akwa Ibom State

115 Isolation Of Microorganisms From Selected Dump Sites In Owerri Metropolis


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